Best Retrievers

194 Stockade Ranch Road Paige, TX 78659

Rody & Kristin Best

(512) 409-8222

$40/Night or $250 /Week

We created this for the dogs that have already been through our training programs. We will focus on tuning up the commands that have gotten rusty since they have been home.

Refresher Boarding
This is for the owner who desires
to provide a safe and secure environment for his retriever. 
The service provides for feeding and kenneling, plus an exercise session in the outdoor yard (approximately 20-30 minutes).
($40/Night, $250/week) 
This is for the owner who would prefer that his retriever get some additional training while being boarded. The service provides feeding and kenneling,  plus 1-2 training sessions per day
(20-30 minutes per session).
Boarding Packages
During special times of the year like vacations and holidays, when you can't take your hunting companion with you, we have several boarding services available.  Availability is limited, so please make your reservation in advance by filling out the contact us link!