Tyler is Best Retrievers' Property Manager. Pictured here is Tyler with his Lab from a Best Retrievers' breeding, Rage "The Machine." Tyler has been with Best Retrievers since the Summer of 2015.

Taylor is the newest addition to our team at Best Retrievers! She is an Assistant Foundation Trainer working with basic obedience training and puppies. She comes from a hunting household and loves working the dogs.

Hunter is another of our APEs (Aviary Propulsionary Experts) with Best Retrievers. He is also an excellent kennel tech and helps out at our many events. Hunter has been with us since 2017.


Meet The Team

Drake is Rody & Kristin's youngest of three sons. He is very active with all dogs and is a part time kennel tech when he is not in school, playing football, baseball, or training for triathlons with Trey.


​Kristin Best is an owner and head of the administrative side of the business. She is responsible for billing and scheduling, as well as Best Retrievers' Whelping Services. This includes delivering puppies, raising them, and finding the perfect home for each and every one. 

Dakota is Rody & Kristin's oldest son. He has learned the "Best" way of training dogs and is responsible for "Tune-Up" Training Sessions. Dakota is also part of the property maintenance team and does wonders in keeping our facilities top notch.


Victoria "Vic" joined Best Retrievers in the fall of 2016.  She graduated from Starmark Academy in 2015 and became a trainer right out of the Academy. She has been training every day since.  Her love for dogs, the outdoors and people brought her to Best Retrievers! We are thrilled to have her be a part of our BR Team!

Jordan is another APE (Aviary Propulsionary Expert) with Best Retrievers. He is also an excellent kennel tech and helps out at our many events. He also helps with upkeep of our facilities. Jordan has been with us since 2017.

Dylan is Rody & Kristin's second son, and is a part-time kennel tech for Best Retrievers. He loves to hunt! Pictured here is Best Roux Got A Clue and Dylan after a duck hunt in January 2017.

Luke joined our team in the summer of 2014 and  specializes in Advanced Training and the Competition Game. He is an Avid  hunter and outdoors man. Luke grew up training dogs with his dad. He bought his own lab a few years ago and has trained him through a Master Title. He is definitely passionate about his dogs.

Jason's  focus here at Best Retrievers is gundog training and taking your hunting companion to the next level and playing  the competitive game.  For years he has been an avid waterfowl hunter and retriever enthusiast. These interests led him to Best Retrievers.  Jason completed our required internship and we gladly offered him a position on our team! His passion for dogs is displayed daily as he works with each dog as if they were his own. 



Best Retrievers

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Rody & Kristin Best

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Carly is an amazing addition to the Best Retrievers’ Team! She documents all veterinary visits, manages the Gingr database for our clients, completes reservations, aids in the whelping process, and so much more. Whenever and wherever we need Carly, she is ready and willing. We do not know what we would do without her!


Ashley is a graphic designer and event planner for Best Retrievers. She coordinates our events and edits our website as well! If we ever need any artwork done or an event planned we know who to call! Ashley has been with Best Retrievers officially since the Fall of 2016.


Rody Best is an owner of Best Retrievers and Head Field Trainer. He is responsible for the field work portion of the training.  Rody deals primarily with the competitive dogs and advanced training.  He has over 20 years of professional training experience.

When we needed a team member to socialize puppies for us, Danielle answered the call! Socialization for puppies is very important for ensuring a confident and well-adjusted dog in their adult years. Danielle joined us at the beginning of 2018.

JOrdan "Jojo"

Trey joined Best Retrievers in the winter of 2016.  His focus on our BR team is Puppy Imprinting and Basic Obedience training. Trey's goal is to set the foundation for every dog to reach their full potential.