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​​​Welcome to our Whelping Service Page!

Welcome to Best Retrievers' Whelping Page! We created our whelping service to assist our clients in raising litters of puppies and providing a resource for high quality breeding. We have many talented dogs graduate from our training program and their owners are often interested in breeding them, but don't have the time or space to raise a litter of puppies. That's where we come in...

We whelp each litter with the utmost care, in our home, as if they were our own, including overseeing the entire delivery, monitoring each puppy's growth, and providing the puppies with enrichment activities.

The Way it Works:

  1. Our clients inform us they are interested in having their dog bred.

  2. We run several tests for health clearances: Hips, Elbows, Eyes, EIC, etc. All tests have to result as "Good," "Excellent," or "Clear" for a breeding to be performed 

  3. If everything is approved, we will approve a breeding with a suggested stud who best accommodates the strengths and weaknesses of the female.

  4. Breeding is completed at the Best Retrievers facility, and the female and stud are sent home.

  5. Approximately 45 days, the owner will take her in and get an X-ray or Ultrasound done to confirm the pregnancy and give us a good estimate on the amount of puppies she will give birth to.

  6. About a week before her due date, the owner will bring the female to the Best Retrievers facility. There we will provide the pregnant female with a safe and loving environment.

  7. Best Retrievers offers around-the-clock care for the female and the puppies while awaiting her due date, during labor and until she is safely home.

  • Drugs or supplements may be administered by Best Retrievers' Staff, but must be provided by female's owner or a veterinarian.

  • If problems should arise during the birth, and a veterinarian's help is sought, the female's owner is financially responsible.

  • Each puppy's dewclaw removal, initial checkup and veterinarian bill are to be paid by female's owner.

  • Each puppy's de-wormer and other medications in need of administration are to be paid for by the female's owner.

  • Female's owner is to pay for shipping, crate, health certificate, airport drop-off fee and any additional costs which may arise for puppies being shipped.

Each litter shall receive:

  • Advertisement of litter on our website and social media pages

  • Constant contact with potential puppy owners

  • Visitations with new puppy owners

Each puppy shall receive:

  • 26-month health guarantee covering the same health clearances the parents were tested for

  • Dewclaw removal within 48 hours of delivery

  • Initial veterinarian visit

  • De-wormer and parasite preventative at 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age

  • Microchip

  • First round of shots at 6 weeks of age

  • Plenty of socialization

  • Introduction to birds, water, swimming, and retrieving

  • Placed in the absolute best home available

Whelping Room Specifications:

  • ​12 ft x 12 ft Whelping Room

  • Exterior Entrance

  • Interior Entrance

  • Central Heat and A/C 

  • Two, 5 ft x 5 ft Whelping Spaces 

  • Kitchenette with full sink 

  • Refrigerator for Medications 

  • Ceramic Tiled Whelping Spaces

  • Ceramic Tiled Floors

  • Dimmer Lights

  • Iron Entry Gates 

  • Shower heads and drains for cleaning

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